The mission of the School of Information and Library Science (SILS) is to educate professionals to be creative and responsible contributors to society and leaders in the information professions. Our student-centered programs blend theory and practice to instill in all graduates professional and ethical judgment, collaborative skills and technical expertise. Through a SILS education, students obtain the competencies to meet the challenges of the digital information age. SILS enrolls a diverse student body and challenges them to become leaders in the information professions who are reflective of the values of the field and are socially responsible participants in today’s global information society.


Pratt SILS is a world-leading community in the field of information studies with an emphasis on cultural informatics in libraries, archives, museums and other technology- and information-rich organizations.

The SILS vision statement reflects the core concepts of the Institute.

  1. SILS integrates traditional LIS best practices with emergent digital practices to model new standards in the field. We place a strong emphasis on students being innovative thinkers and creative researchers in today’s diverse cultural contexts. SILS students are change agents prepared to take a key role in the digital future.

  2. SILS capitalizes on connections with New York City’s cultural institutions through its strategic partnerships. Our expanding role in the field of information science supports and enriches student learning and connects students to the world’s cultural capital.

  3. SILS faculty are leaders in digital culture and information science research which they integrate into their teaching to enrich the student learning experience and ensure our graduates are prepared to meet the global challenges of the 21st century.


SILS reviews and revises its goals to reflect the Institute’s five-year strategic planning cycle. Given this dynamic process we continue to work within the framework of the established values and practices of the LIS field to which we are committed.

  1. Enriching the Academic experience: SILS’s curriculum features and is strengthened by project-based and experiential learning and research, engaging students in cultural and technological innovation and interdisciplinary work. Students apply both theory and practice to their research and projects.

  2. Expanding Horizons: SILS educational programs go beyond the classroom to include internships in NYC’s diverse cultural institutions and partnership programs so that students gain both local and global perspectives on the field that heightens professional performance and values.

  3. Creating Dynamic Environments: SILS is investing in its facilities to create an interactive participatory learning environment that effectively supports experiential learning, and community building.

  4. Building Capacity: Promote a culture of transparency, communication and collaboration for continuous improvement of program planning and assessment. Improve SILS organization for outreach and connecting with the SILS community broadly and use benchmarking for program development.


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Our student-centered programs blend practice and theory and integrate emerging technologies into the curriculum providing students a high-level academic experience. Interdisciplinary collaborations, partnerships, and internships enhance educational opportunities and serve as a bridge to professional practice.