Pratt Foundation is a yearlong experience that transforms incoming students into a connected community of aspiring artists, designers, creative makers, and thinkers.

As the gateway to Pratt for many students, Foundation serves a critical role of introducing core concepts of the creative practice while building community habits and relationships that will endure well beyond the first-year experience. Resembling today’s reality for makers and visual thinkers, Pratt Foundation encourages students to work collaboratively, pooling abilities, ideas, and talents to synthesize technology and tradition into innovative, creative outcomes.

The Pratt Foundation classroom has been designed as a laboratory that facilitates exploration and inquiry. Students develop analog and digital skills through a series of independently driven projects in their studio-based classes. Projects are structured yet open-ended and allow for self-discovery. Through successes and missteps, students learn to innovate solutions and recognize what it takes to be a successful artist or designer.

Student and professor in classroom


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