Fall 2022 Update:

Foundation classes will return to an in-person modality starting Fall 2022. Each Foundation studio class will meet once a week for 6 hours face-to-face. Students will be scheduled into cohorts of 18 and will take all three of their Foundation courses together each semester, forming a strong community. Equally important, these cohorts will be taught by faculty teams who will work together to ensure that students achieve both the outcomes of each individual course and have a chance to make connections between courses, thus creating an expansive and interdisciplinary learning experience. Additionally, faculty will be able to offer students in the cohort they are teaching a high degree of individual attention, in the form of critiques, one-on-one meetings, and small group work.

Pratt Foundation is a yearlong experience that transforms incoming students into an inclusive community of aspiring artists and designers. Immersive studio courses introduce fundamental concepts through individual and collaborative creative processes. This year of interdisciplinary research and experimentation prepares students to enter specialized majors, fosters self-discovery and social engagement, and instills a practice of seeing and critical inquiry that will endure throughout their lives.

Student and professor in classroom

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