School of Art and Design

School of Architecture

Graphic Design/Illustration A.A.S. Architecture B. ARCH
Painting/Drawing A.A.S. Construction Management B.P.S.
Digital Design And Interactive Media A.O.S. Construction Management B.S.
Graphic Design A.O.S. Building and Construction A.A.S.
Illustration A.O.S.  
Art And Design Education B.F.A.

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Art History B.A. Critical and Visual Studies B.A.
Communications Design B.F.A. Writing B.F.A.
Digital Arts B.F.A.  
Fashion B.F.A.

Dual Degree Programs

Film B.F.A. Art And Design Education B.F.A./M.S.
Fine Arts B.F.A.  
History of Art & Design B.F.A.  
Industrial Design B.I.D.  
Interior Design B.F.A.  
Photography B.F.A.