Our Mission Statement

Pratt's Photography program emphasizes an awareness of fine arts traditions as well as the professional disciplines of the contemporary media artist. Students focus on acquiring the tools needed to work in the industry as artists and professionals. The department promotes critical thinking and independence across the spectrum of media making.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the B.F.A. program will be able to:

  • express themselves creatively in both traditional and digital photographic media
  • be conversant and critical in contemporary and historical issues in the discipline
  • gain professional and technical skills necessary to pursue the career path of their choice
  • demonstrate excellence in artistic vision and professional skills, innovation, and a contextual understanding of their work in contemporary culture
  • exhibit and discuss a cohesive body of work developed in the Senior year


Requirements for BFA Photography, 2013

  • Semester 1

    Complete these courses.

    FDC-143 Drawing I: Figure and General
    FDC-163 Light/Color/Design I
    PHOT-101 Photography I
    HA-115 Survey of Art I
    HMS-101A Introduction to Literary and Critical Studies
  • Semester 2

    Complete these courses.

    FDC-144 Drawing II: Figure and General
    FDC-164 Light/Color/Design II
    PHOT-102 Photography II
    HA-116 Survey of Art II
    HMS-103A Introduction to Literary and Critical Studies
  • Semester 3

    Complete these courses plus 2 studio elective credits.

    FDC-157 3-Dimensional Design I
    PHOT-201 Photography III
    PHOT-265 Photography: Color I
    PHOT-250 Photography: Digital I
    HA-337 Photography I: 1839-WWII
    HA-215 Survey of Art: Nineteenth Century
    CH-300 World Civilizations I
  • Semester 4

    Complete these courses:

    FDC-158 3-D Design II
    PHOT-266 Photography: Color II
    PHOT-303 Photography: B/W Printing
    PHOT-320 Photography: Studio I
    PHOT-350 Photography: Digital II
    HA-338 Photography II: 1946 - Present
    CH-400 World Civilizations II
    HA-216 Survey of Art: Twentieth Century Art
  • Semester 5

    Complete these courses plus 6 studio elective credits and 3 liberal arts elective credits.

    PHOT-307 Photography: Large Format I
    PHOT-315Processes: Non-Silver
    PHOT-350Photography: Digital II
    PHOT-321 Photography: Studio II
  • Semester 6

    Complete these courses plus 4 studio elective credits.

    PHOT-308 Photography: Large Format II
    PHOT-301 Photography: Advanced Critique
    PHOT-316Processes: Platinum/Palladium
    PHOT-450Photography: Digital III
  • Semester 7

    Complete these courses plus 4 studio elective credits and 2 liberal arts elective credits.

    PHOT-401 Senior Project I
    PHOT-441 Contemporary Issues in Photography
  • Semester 8

    Complete these courses plus 6 studio elective credits and 5 liberal arts elective credits.

    PHOT-402 Senior Project II