Undergraduate Art and Design Education

Pratt's art and design education programs are New York State Education Department-approved teacher preparation programs and meet the new requirements for New York State Initial Teacher Certification in Visual Arts, Pre-K–12. Undergraduate Art and Design Education (ADE) is a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts program that prepares students to become art and design teachers in grades Pre-K–12. The program sequence supports students’ artistic development with the provision of credits for a "core" area of concentration in either art or design in addition to courses in education. Students strive for an inspired artistic practice as well as innovation in their work as educators, in effect graduating with two areas of expertise. Students majoring in ADE can leave Pratt with New York State Initial Certification in Visual Arts, Pre-K-12, and are eligible to apply for certification in other states through interstate reciprocity.

The ADE Department draws students from the worlds of art, design, and architecture, and endeavors to be a dynamic and cross-disciplinary department at the forefront of the field. The department provides a stimulating, challenging and supportive environment for students, faculty, and staff—passionate educators and learners engaged in teaching and creative individual and community practice. In the ADE Department, engagement in a range of educational endeavors constitutes a creative process modeled upon and nourished by intensive artistic preparation. Students participate in a variety of fieldwork and student teaching experiences in which personal connection between studio, education, art theory, and classroom practice are made. They can also fashion their own itinerary in a host of alternative careers such as community arts, museum education, design education, and arts administration.

The Department also has a long and distinguished history of community-based practice. The Department’s Saturday Art School has served as a community-based laboratory for teacher training since Pratt’s founding. It serves more than 300 pupils of all ages and backgrounds from Brooklyn’s diverse communities and provides scholarships for many families who have limited resources. In addition, the department provides students with opportunities to teach populations that have the least access to art and design education in community settings such as after-school programs in homeless shelters, museums, and galleries.

Program I - B.F.A. in Art and Design Education

A B.F.A. in Art and Design Education is a 134-credit program that prepares students for certification to teach art or design education at the Pre-K–12 level, combining rigorous work in art and design education with extensive opportunities for core and elective classes in specific artistic disciplines. Students begin their studies in the foundation year and subsequently continue their core studio classes and their education courses in the department.

Program II - Combined Degree B.F.A./M.S. in Art and Design Education

Combined Degree B.F.A./M.S. in Art and Design Education is a 159-credit program where students can earn a combined bachelor of fine arts and master of science degree in Art and Design Education in five years (may include summer sessions). Students may apply to the program by selecting this option on the freshman or transfer admissions application or by applying in the second semester of the junior year of the undergraduate degree in Art and Design Education.

Students must remain in good academic standing to continue at the graduate level. They will also need to meet all requirements for graduate-level study including graduate academic standing requirements, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Students will be considered for a graduate scholarship, and if they complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), will be packaged for graduate financial aid which consists of loans for the entire cost of attendance for graduate study. Tuition and fees will be charged at the graduate level.

Both the B.F.A. in Art and Design Education and the combined B.F.A./M.S. in Art and Design Education lead to New York State Initial Certification in Visual Arts, Pre-K–12.

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