Zach Hyer (M.F.A.), of Tannersville, NY celebrates his 2011 Academy Award “Student Academy Award Gold Medal”
for his animation short “Correspondence” at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater. • (telephone) 718.636.3411 • (facsimile) 718.399.4494


M.F.A. Digital Animation and Motion Arts

Students create evocative narrative and non-narrative films using 2-D and 3-D digital animation techniques, live action and motion graphics. Recommended electives include history of animation, film criticism, traditional animation, character design, rigging, lighting and rendering, audio and video, compositing and special effects, and advanced digital animation techniques.


Requirements for MFA Digital Arts - 3D Animation, 2013

Electives include: Storyboarding and Storytelling, Lighting and Rendering, Motion Dynamics, Compositing and Special Effects, Character Design, Character Animation, and much more.

Digital Arts Graduates become leading professionals in the creative industries with a commitment to significant and responsible artistic practice.

After graduation Pratt Alumni can be found exhibiting in galleries and working in major creative industries:

Disney Animation Studios
Sony Imageworks
Dreamworks Studios
Digital Domain
Rhythm and Hues Studios
Curious Pictures
CHRLX Studios
The Mill
Cartoon Network and many more