Graduate Digital Arts and Animation

Students in the 60-credit-hour Graduate Digital Arts program at Pratt are immediately engaged in the creation of artwork utilizing digital technologies. These artists come together to study interactive arts, digital animation and motion arts, and digital imaging. Within the context of new media, students use critical thinking, creative problem solving, technical facility, and conceptual skills to develop a sophisticated body of work. 

In Pratt’s Department of Digital Arts, undergraduates will develop aesthetic sophistication, digital craftsmanship, conceptual sophistication related to digital media, and an understanding of the potential of art and technology. Digital Arts Students combine critical reflection and process within each concentration. Animation, Imaging, and Interactive Art students develop the technical expertise that enables them to conduct advanced work in the Digital Arts, and learn to create professional documentation and presentation skills to launch their careers.

Digital Arts students graduate with the personal vision and skill to be highly successful after graduation.

Graduate students study in one of three areas of emphasis in Digital Arts:

Our home on campus is Myrtle Hall, a Leed Certified Green building that includes:

  • Nine state of the art digital studio/classrooms
  • Digital Arts Resource Center
  • Digital Commons flex-space
  • High Speed Fibre Channel Network
  • Traditional Animation Facilities
  • Audio Recording Studio 
  • Dedicated Green Screen facility
  • Graduate Studio spaces
  • 2-D/3-D Printers and production facility
  • Mediated Digital Arts Gallery