Bali and Bamboo (IND 458/658) 



An 11 day workshop connected to a semester long engagement with the outcome to design, build and set a bamboo pavilion in times sq. for Design week May 14-20. 

The BambooU 11 Day course follows a detailed curriculum taking students through the whole life cycle of bamboo, from sustainable forestry to design and construction with an additional focus on pavilion structures and design opportunities. Each topic is supported by both theoretical lectures and hands on workshops. Workshop focuses on, forestry & harvesting, treatment & preservation, traditional balinese carpentry & joinery, bamboo engineering basics, biophilic design and model making. 

Students will leave with a set of tools to help build with bamboo in their own context and ensure a rich learning experience that moves them forward in their personal and professional journey with bamboo. Students from both Pratt and Green School will also participate in the planning and setting of the time sq. installation.