Study Abroad

Fall 2021 Update

While there will be no travel-related program offerings in the fall semester, 2020, we remain optimistic and enthusiastic about Pratt's role in the field of international education. We continue to maintain strong relationships with our partner schools and programs and are in constant communication with them. In addition to assessing spring options, we are excited about new modalities with international partnerships. Please continue to monitor this page for updates.

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At Pratt, we believe knowledge is boundless. We encourage all of our students to explore their education internationally through our many exciting study abroad programs and partnerships. With opportunities all over the world, it is easy to find a location that will strengthen your creativity and provide you with a once in a lifetime learning experience. We invite you to browse our website for more information.  Our office is happy to help find the right opportunity for you.

How to Apply

To apply for study abroad and exchange, visit Pratt’s TerraDotta portal. You will use your Pratt Onekey to login. There you will be able to search available programs based on location, major, year, semester, and more. You can also login in to TerraDotta to check the status of your application and access necessary documents. If you have any questions about using TerraDotta, please email



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