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Pre-Doctoral Externship

Pre-doctoral externship in college mental health 2023-24: Currently accepting applications; applicants preferred entering 3rd year and above

The Counseling Center at the Pratt Institute offers services to its diverse and international community of approximately 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students studying in the Schools of Art, Design, Architecture, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Information. We are staffed by 6 full-time experienced clinicians; 4 psychologists and 2 clinical social worker, one part-time psychologist, a part-time psychiatrist and three postdoctoral fellows in psychology, whose practice is informed by humanistic, developmental, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioral theoretical orientations. Counseling Services are located in the main Brooklyn campus in the historic neighborhood of Clinton Hill and offers satellite services in its Manhattan campus in Union Square.


The pre-doctoral externship program in psychology offers 4 part-time (16 hours), psychoanalytically oriented externship positions for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Externs provide clinical care to students including intake consultation, individual therapy, case management, crisis intervention and urgent care, and referrals. Externs have a voice in designing their caseloads based on experience level and interest. The majority of the Externs time is spent providing individual psychotherapy under supervision. Externs are expected to see between 6 to 10 patients weekly. Externs participate together with our postdoctoral fellows in weekly reading and clinical seminars on topics ranging from how to think about time as a function of clinical work with young adults to the relationship between the individual and the social environment to the study of the creative process. Externs receive 1 hour of weekly individual supervision, 1 hour of weekly group supervision, 1 hour of multidisciplinary disposition team meeting, and 2 hours of didactics (a reading seminar on a wide range of clinical psychoanalytic topics and an adolescent development seminar). Additional clinical opportunities such as running groups and workshops are also possible with an additional 1 hour of weekly group supervision. 

The Counseling Center does not have a fixed number of sessions and Externs have an opportunity do goal-oriented work as well as more intensive work depending on students’ clinical need and presentation.

Preference is given to students who are entering their 3rd year of clinical training at the start of the externship and have some prior clinical experience. Advanced students are especially encouraged to apply. Given the psychoanalytic nature of the externship we are especially interested in candidates who have a strong interest in applying psychoanalytic eas to working in a university based counseling center.

To apply:

Please send application materials electronically in one pdf file including CV, cover letter and

three references to Caroline Kasnakian, Psy.D. ector Applicaytions can also be submitted through the portal.

In compliance with APPIC guidelines for the 2023-24 internship match,

interviews will occur either in person or remote.

General information about externship site:

DIrector of the Program: Caroline Kasnakian

Training ector, (degree): PsyD


URL for Externship Brochure:

Length of externship (in months): academic year

Start Date: August 24th, 2023

End Date: May 17th, 2024

How many hours a week are expected of extern?: 16 hrs

Specialty tracks: 

# of externs to be accepted for 2023-24:  4

Minimum level of readiness (any prior experiences or level of training required for applicants: prior clinical experience preferred. entering 3rd  year doctoral students preferred

Preferences: students interested in working psychodynamically in a university based counseling center

Do you provide a stipend? If so how much?: no stipend


When do you expect to begin interviews? (Applications can be submitted no earlier than Jan 09): 1/17/23

Interview process (provide information about interview process- time frame, how decisions are made) Also, do you conduct individual and/or group interviews; case presentation, other information?: following APPIC match guidelines

What application materials are required (i.e., cv, transcript, how many reference letters, case summary, test report, other?: CV, letter of interest, 3 references

Intervention and Assessment: 

Intervention training experiences offered: didactics seminars, disposition meetings fpr intake assessmnents, intake assessments based on experience level; crisis intervention when clinically needed

Estimate average number of individual patients that students will carry; estimate number of groups and other types of interventions. Offer description:  6 to 10 individual therapy patients weekly; group therapy and/or workshops with additional  supervision

Assessment training experiences commonly offered. Describe: intakes, crisis assessment

Expected number of full assessment batteries completed during externship (defined as administration of a battery of standardized tests): none. no testing experience offered

Estimate # of integrated assessment reports per year: none

If offering Rorschach, which scoring systems used: n/a


Estimate hours/week of individual supervision: 1

Estimated hours/week of group supervision: 2

Estimated hour/week of didactics: 3

Estimated co-therapy hours with supervisors: n/a

Context of didactics (seminars, Grand Rounds): reading seminar, clinical seminar on adolescence, group case disposition supervision. all weekly

Estimated informal open door “curbside” supervision:  yes

Describe direct supervision: weekly individual and group supervision fir undividual therapy cases; weekly group supervision for group therapy

Specify if observation occurs during intervention, assessment, consultation (audio, video, live in person (in treatment room, one-way mirror, live video stream): live in person when needed

APPIC Website Entry: 

Pre-Doctoral Externship Contact Information

Phone: 718-687-5356