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Documents Required for Non-F-1 Students

The ISF (International Student Form)  is available starting at 9:00 am EST April 1

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The Office of International Affairs (OIA) warmly welcomes all new international students in non-F-1 status to Pratt Institute!  You are still considered an international student if you have a non-immigrant visa like H1B or O1. 

Things to Prepare Before Filling out the Forms
  • Acceptance letter
  • Valid Passport
  • Visa or other immigration documents

Step 1: International Student Form (ISF)

  • After submitting the ISF, go to your Pratt Email (open your Gmail at
  • Find the no-reply email with subject: [Pratt OIA]: URGENT Next Action Steps

Step 2: Upload Supporting Documents from checklist on your dashboard

Step 1: International Student Form (ISF)

All new international students must complete the International Student Form (ISF), whether you need an I-20 or DS-2019 or not. Students on other visa types, like H-4 or E-3, and those sponsored by other organizations, like Fulbright, also need to complete the International Student Form (ISF). This form should not be completed by U.S. citizens or permanent residents. If you are unsure whether you are considered an international student and need to complete this form, please email explaining your situation. 

The ISF Form is available here, as of April 1:

Technical difficulties:
– Google Chrome is the recommended browser

– Contact OIA at  for technical difficulties with the ISF. 

– Contact the Help Desk at for technical difficulties with OneKey login

Prepare two things:
– Have your Pratt acceptance letter handy so you can easily refer to it for information such as your program code and Pratt ID number

– You will need to upload a scan of your passport biographical page

  • – You will need to upload it in the last section of the ISF. Your passport must be valid at least 6 months into the future. If it is not, please let us know you are in the process of renewing it in the comments of the ISF. If your spouse and/or child will accompany you as your dependent, you must also upload scans of their valid passports into the ISF.

OIA Hold
– By filling out the ISF, the OIA “hold” on your Pratt account will be removed within one week. If there are no other holds from other offices, such as the Health Office for health forms, students are able to be registered for classes.

Dashboard to upload Supporting Documents
After you submit your ISF, go to your Pratt email to read the email with Subject: “[Pratt OIA]: URGENT Next Action Steps” and a link to your Pratt Dashboard. The Dashboard will have a list of all required supporting documents that you need to upload for a complete application as well as detailed instructions for these documents. Your Dashboard is customized for you, based on how you answered the questions on the ISF. Please review this information carefully. 

Students returning after a leave of absence have to upload a new ISF, otherwise, the software will flow properly.

Submit ISF only 1 time
– Please do NOT submit more than one ISF under any circumstances. Multiple ISF entries will confuse the software. Contact OIA if you feel you have made an error on the ISF and we will manually update it for you, rather than uploading another ISF.

Step 2: Upload Supporting Documents

After you have submitted the ISF, you will receive an email sent to your Pratt email address with “[Pratt OIA]: URGENT Next Action Steps” and a link to your Dashboard. Then, you should upload your required supporting documents to the Dashboard.

The Dashboard will be available here – note: do not access the dashboard until you have submitted your ISF (Step 1). Students returning from a leave of absence have to submit the ISF again, which should create a new checklist on the Dashboard. 

Dashboard status updates:

After you upload your documents, the document must also be manually accessed, reviewed and stamped by OIA to be marked as “Received” in your Dashboard. This manual process can take at least 10 days due to processing volume. You will be contacted via email if any document is not accepted or needs clarification. 

Supporting documents you have to submit:

  1. I-94
  2. Visa or other documents to support your immigration status.
  3. DS-2019 if you are sponsored by an outside organization like Fulbright

 I-94 Record 

The I-94 is required for students who currently hold or recently held an immigration status within the United States. You will not have one if you did not enter the US yet. 

You may access your I-94 record here: (select “GET MOST RECENT I-94”)

  1. Go to the I-94 website and  save your most recent  I-94 as a PDF
  2. Make sure you download your most recent I-94, NOT your travel history 
  3. We want to see your immigration status, not your travel history

Copy of U.S. entry visa in passport

A scan of your U.S. visa is required for students who currently hold or recently held an immigration status within the United States. If you are applying for our non-F1 visa, it is OK to submit it later when you receive it. 

  1. Upload a clear scan or photo of your current or previous U.S. visa(s) 
  2. If you are from Canada or Bermuda, upload your most recent entry stamp instead
  3. It is OK if your F-1 Visa is expired, please still upload it if you used it to travel to the U.S.

DS2019 from Sponsor i.e. Fulbright, or AmidEast

A student who is sponsored by an organization like Fulbright, AmidEast, LASPAU, etc. will have a DS2019 from that organization. 

-upload your DS2019 here and select “other”

Dashboard  Statuses Descriptions

Pending [Awaiting Required Documentation]

  • This either means OIA has not reviewed it or you still need to submit a document
  • If you have recently uploaded/submitted the document, it means that a document you have uploaded has not yet been manually checked (wait at least 10 business days)
  • If you have not uploaded it yet, it means that you have to upload it

Under Review [All Required Documents Received]

  • This means that your application appears to have all the required documents and it has been assigned to an OIA advisor for review. 


  • This means that your application has been approved by the OIA advisor and your OIA hold is removed

Check your Pratt and personal email accounts daily for correspondence from OIA. Failure to respond to emails promptly will delay your I-20 processing. Advisors often request new or additional documents or have questions about your documents. 


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Version: March 11, 2022 These instructions are subject to change.