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Campus Access


The Learning/Access Center arranges for classroom relocation for students with disabilities in order to remove barriers, such as buildings without elevators. Please contact us to discuss classroom access needs at 718.802.3123 or by e-mail at


Handicapped parking permits are available through the Department of Public Safety. The application process for students to receive handicapped parking permits is as follows:

  • Obtain standard Pratt student parking decal from the Department of Public Safety (Engineering Building, Room 105).
  • Contact the Learning/Access Center to discuss enrollment (this is necessary even if the student has a special parking permit for individuals with disabilities issued by the county/state).
  • Complete handicapped parking application through the Department of Public Safety.
Mobility Assistance

Public Safety provides Accessibility Escort services (via golf cart) for students, faculty, staff and visitors who need mobility assistance. Please contact public safety to request the service. For regular service use, students should contact L/AC and faculty/staff should contact HR. 

Public Safety: 718.636.3540/3541
L/AC: 718.802.3123; 
HR: 718.636.3787;

Attending Campus Events

Accommodations for students and staff for campus events are coordinated by the Learning/Access Center. Students must notify the L/AC to request accommodation needs no later than one week prior to the event (e.g. sign language interpreters, CART [Communication Access Real-time Translation], remote captioning, special seating or wheelchairs, or accessible transportation for an off-campus trip sponsored by the Institute).

Departments must notify the L/AC about event dates as soon as possible, but no later than one week prior to the event. The L/AC will determine the type of services (e.g. sign language interpreters, remote captioning, the provision of special seating or wheelchair, and accessible transportation for off-campus events) necessary to provide access to event content and material.

To discuss accessibility needs for an upcoming event, please contact the L/AC at 718.802.3123 or