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Overview of Halls

A variety of living options exist for students. With few exceptions, students have the opportunity to progress through a variety of increasingly more independent housing options:

  • The primary first-year freshman residence halls are Pantas, Stabile, and Emerson Place
  • Sophomore continuing and new transfer students’ primary residences are Willoughby Hall and Esther Lloyd-Jones
  • New and continuing graduate students reside in Grand Avenue Residence and Willoughby Halls
  • Continuing upper-class undergraduates reside in Esther Lloyd-Jones, Willoughby, and the Townhouses. 

The progression of on-campus living exposes students to increasingly more independent housing options. This progression better prepares them for living off-campus either in their upper years at Pratt or after graduation.

All residence hall students are provided with a bed (twin extra-long), a drafting table or desk, a chair, and a dresser. In addition, rooms in Stabile, Emerson Place, Esther Lloyd-Jones, and Pantas are furnished with a microwave/refrigerator/freezer unit. Students living in those buildings are required to be on a yearly meal plan. Willoughby and Grand Avenue residents are provided a refrigerator, stove, and dining table. Students in Willoughby and Grand Avenue are able to sign up for optional meal plans.

All residence halls are equipped with window coverings, 24-hour security guard coverage, and WiFi internet.

Emerson Place, Stabile, and Pantas Hall are air conditioned. Students in Grand Avenue and Willoughby Hall can bring their own through-wall air conditioner. Air conditioners of any kind are not allowed in Esther Lloyd Jones (ELJ) Hall.